Founder of ZSF

Dr. Zia Siddique

Born on 1978, Mr.Zia Siddique led an eventful life.In his College days he was well-known for his exceptional talent and extra-ordinary abilities. After being qualified from Medical entry test, he joined Ayyub Medical Complex Abottabad for completion of his MBBS studies. During his studies, Zia played a key role in setting up many successful initiatives. Inspired by the impecunious life of his father and many others in his area, He dedicated his life to the poor from the age of 19th and strived to make Zia Siddique Foundation a platform to fight for people’s issues and to protect their rights.

The organization has humble beginnings with minimum staff and modest funds. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr.Zia, Zia Siddique Foundation achieved many milestones, established a school and college for girls in his home town in the remote village of Rawlakot AJ&K. By the time, ZSF celebrating his 14th death anniversary in 2017, It has helped empowered 6000 deprived girls and women by providing education and skill, free health facilities for poor patients and skill development of poor youth across Pakistan and AJ&K.

Zia provided inspiring leadership to ZSF and was working with determination and diligence to organize the youth until his untimely tragic death by a car accident in 2003. His vision and accomplishments is the legacy he has left us with. Its influence will place its footprint on our future as we continue to take his mission forward.