ZSF believes that many world problems can be addressed through one solution. Education. Why? Because knowinghow to read, makes people safer, healthier and more self sufficient-yet nearly 3.8 million people are literate and two third of women and girls.

Understanding the barriers to girl's education is a key to launching the education program. That's why ZSF'S innovative model focuses on deep, systematic transformation within schools in remote areas during the two most critical time periods in a child's schooling;early primary school for literacy acquisition and secondary school for girls' education. Keeping in view, ZSF's education goal is to support girls to reach their full potential.

Fateh Alam Shaheed Educational Complex Datote, Rawlakot

The construction cost including land was donated by Mr. Muhammad Siddique (Chairman,ZSF) While the operational cost of the girls college in Pak rupees Six/6 Million pear academic year is also being provided by Mr.Siddique.

To achieve children' access to education especially girls, ZSF, established Fateh Aalam Shaheed Educational Complex in a remote and deprived village of Datote AJ&K. . Initially it was established as a school, that was upgraded to inter college in 2004 and then to Degree College also having post graduate classes for girls.

Fateh Alam Shaheed Educational Complex constructed at 152320 sqft. space Comprising of triple story building including lecture hall, auditorium, labs, recreational facilities, library and hostel for girls coming from remote areas. The complex has been providing following programs to uplift the poor segment of the society especially for women and children. The project is a beacon of knowledge and centre of excellence in the far-flung area where thousands of destitute are going to transform their destinies since 2001.

National Model Schools Datote, Rawlakot

Since 2003, the School has been providing quality education to boys and girls in the surrounding areas of union Council Datote. The school is registered and affiliated with Board of intermediate and secondary education Mirpur AJK. 4000 students graduated from the school so far. It is equipped with highly motivated trained and qualified teaching faculty with state of the art class rooms and lab equipment.

In the school about 50% of the students receive free education, and about 35% of the students pay subsidized fee, whereas 15% of the students belonging to comparatively well-off families pay full fee to ensure financial sustainability of NMS. The students who are either fully exempted or partially exempted from payment of fee are either orphans or belong to very poor families. The NMS is one of the best non-profit based quality education institutions in whole area with respect to quality of education, physical environment and required facilities.

National Degree College for Girls

The National Degree College for Girls (NDCG) was established in ensure easy access of quality education for the girls of the targeted area either free or on subsidized basis so that all possible opportunity could be provided to ensure higher level education, development, awareness and empowerment of women.

Moreover, special Focus is given on character building, inculcation of discipline, leadership quality and self-confidence through the students council and its elections, broadening vision, communication and speaking skills, free, innovative and open thinking to meet the challenges faced by our women in society.

National Institute of Information Technology,Datote

The National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) has been established in the premises of the complex. in the year 2003. The centre is equipped with modern IT equipment and AV/ AID .The main aim behind the establishment of the NIIT is to equip the local poor youth with IT based skills with special focus on girls.

Different IT related courses are offered by the institute based on the demand of the local community as well as the market potential. The institute is run by highly qualified and professional staff. The course of IT is based on threemonths, and one year diploma. Total 1500 students have done computer courses from the institute which includes 850 boys and 650 girls.

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